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What We Do



Mocking up a site in design software is a cheap and easy way to agree on what should be built



For the vast majority of e-commerce sites Shopify is the way to go. It is the most popular platform for e-commerce sites.


site builder

Website builders have advanced to the point where most companies are better off with them than custom code.


web application

No code and low code tools have advanced enought to be able to create many new web applications


custom code

Some projects are complex enough that you really do need custom code.



Once your site is built you will need some kind of marketing to get the word out. Usually search is #1 and social is #2.



Finding the right words is harder than it seems. We can create short, high impact text to promote your business.

Keeping Costs Low

Large agencies mean a lot of overhead. The average agency charges 3 to 3.5X what they pay their employees to cover the cost of management, a fancy office etc. We have a very small team who all work from home so we can charge you a lot less.

Second we do a bunch of planning before we build anything. It is cheap and easy to create a mock up of the site first so that we both agree on what to build before building it.

Third custom code is always expensive. It is best to use no code or low code tools whenever possible

Make It Gorgeous

There are really just 3 keys to making a site gorgeous. Keep it simple, use beautiful images and plan for all device sizes.

Often people want to add a lot of features to their site. They want to communicate a lot. But less is more. Keep it simple.

Images are always better than big paragraphs of text and beautiful images are much better then plain ones.

Lastly most traffic comes from people on phones of different sizes so your site needs to look great on all of them, plus tablets, laptops and desktops.

Website Builders

10 years ago you needed to write custom code to get a great looking website. But since then website building software has come a long way.

Even Fortune 500 companies with huge budgets use website builders for most sites these days. At this point they perform better than custom code in the vast majority of cases and they are a lot cheaper to build.

You wouldn't custom build a hammer to pound a nail so why build custom code if an existing tool can do the job?


Get Found

Word of mouth is great when you can get it, but the average consumer facing company spends 20% of their revenue on marketing because it works. B2B companies spend less.

If you sell a product people are already searching for then search engines are going to be your #1 driver. If people are not actively searching for your product then social media will probably be #1 for you.

Many companies use a mix of both but FYI Google still has 2x the revenue of Facebook.