Client Results.

Here are some results and key findings from past clients.

Financial Services

Main Tactics

Blocking irrelevant search terms

Updated ad copy & robust testing

Creating bid adjustments for day of week, hour of day, geographic region, device etc.

Construction Equipment

Main Tactics

Key Findings

Account Restructure.

Landing traffic on the most appropriate landing pages.

Updated ad copy & robust testing.

Key Findings

Small differences in keywords can have a major impact on conversion rates.

In this industry certain keywords correlated with small purchases and certain other correlated with large purchases.

Consumer Products

Main Tactics

Key Findings

Traffic from mobile was worthless - didn't convert.

Traffic from display network was almost completely worthless.

Improved Analytics so we could see what was working and then adjusted bids accordingly.

Key Findings

Conversion rates on mobile are often 75% lower for e-commerce sites.

Most of the traffic google sells from its display network is accidental clicks from mobile apps or spam or some other variation of junk that doesn't convert.


Main Tactics

Key Findings

Adjusted bids by day of week and time of day.

Identified and blocked irrelevant terms

Created separate campaigns for different kinds of insurance.

Key Findings

It is very important to land people on the right page if they are looking for a specific product. For example people searching for motorcycle insurance should land on a page about that and not the home page.

Some industries see conversion rates and purchase sizes vary more drastically by day of week or time of day than others. In Insurance that matters a lot.